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We are one among the 13 IKS centers awarded in the country by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. A Kalari center that is the abode of the 2000-year-old southern Kalaripayattu and the ancient Kalari healing systems. 

We focus on the authentic ancient martial art Kalaripayattu Research, Documentation, Dissemination & through our best effective Kalari based course programs. 

We are 3Kms from 125 Years old Agasthyam Kalaripayattu, Nemom.





The Chairman and Managing Director of Trinity College of Engineering, Dr. Thomas Alexander is an exemplary engineer entrepreneur! Dr. Alexander created Al Adrak Trading and Contracting LLC in Muscat in 1986 after migrating to Oman with his BTech degree in Civil Engineering from MS Ramaiah College, Bangalore. Starting with a single mason, his business skill and vision has developed the company into a billion dollar conglomerate employing nearly 10,000 today. He has been included in Forbes Top 100 list of businessmen in the Middle East. With down to earth attitude and articulate delivery of his business experiences, his regular presence in the Trinity campus is a source of tremendous inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs among the students.


Principal Investigator (PI)

Dr. Arun Surendran is the Strategic Director and Principal of Trinity College of Engineering, Trivandrum & one of the directors of Agasthyam International. Dr. Arun holds his Ph.D. and Masters in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University. He did his BTech at IIT-Mumbai, India’s top engineering institution. He is the cofounder of Cybersecurity Solutions and a senior fellow of Defence Research and Studies Thinktank. Dr. Arun works closely with the Kerala Startup Mission, Kerala Development Strategic Innovation Council and is an advisor to many schools and colleges. He has published two books on entrepreneurship and one collection of poetry. Dr. Arun has also produced a documentary titled Fragments of Illusion on the chavittunadakam dance form.

Dr. S. Mahesh Gurukkal

Co-Principal Investigator (PI)

Dr.S Mahesh, the managing director of agasthyam international. He is the son of legendary Kalari master and Sidha Expert: shri R Sanal kumar. He is an Indian television producer, ad film director, author, media person, Kalaripayattu expert and yoga guru. He is a native of Nemom in Trivandrum district. In a visual media career spanning two decades, he has worked with major television channels like Soorya TV, Zee TV and Kaumudy TV. He is currently Chief of Programmes of Kaumudy TV, the television channel of the Kerala Kaumudi media group.


Suchithra Madhusudanan

Center Head

Suchithra Madhusudanan has over 14 years of varied experience in Business Development, Customer Relations, Digital Transformation & Corporate Innovation, Teaching, and Secretarial Assistance. She has completed her Graduation in History from Miranda House, Delhi University, Masters in History from IGNOU, and Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from Institute of Journalism, Press Club, Thiruvananthapuram. She is currently pursuing a Masters in English from IGNOU. Suchithra has worked with corporate companies prior to becoming an educator in Sahyadri School KFI, Pune. She has also worked in the capacity of  Secretary to a Member of Parliament. Suchithra has a First Dan Black Belt in Chinese Kung -fu, and undergoes training in Kalaripayattu.

Priya Mahesh

Project Lead

Priya Mahesh has 12 years of experience of being an advocate. Prior to becoming a practicing lawyer, she was a  guest lecturer in Rajadhani Institute of Hotel management. Priya is a practitioner and tutor of Prana- Anti aging Vaasi Yoga module in the Agasthyam  International Pvt Ltd. 

Swathish S Nair

Creative Engineer

Swathish S Nair holds graduation in Electronics & Communication. 

Sooraj. R.S

Research Assistant

Sooraj.R.S is an experienced trainer of various fitness programs  viz. Prana, Nalludal and Nithya Kalari of Agasthyam International pvt Ltd. He is a BSc. graduate in Botany & Biotechnology, and currently pursuing M.A in Psychology.


Trinity College of Engineering
Trinity Hills, Trivandrum, Kerala


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